“The Ticking Clock

Supple breasts.

Celestial eyes of ocean blue.

Astute intelligence.

Voluptuous curves.

Angelic tendrils of golden wheat.

Romantic charm.

Seductive legs.

Heavenly song.

Swanlike grace.

Admired by women,

Adored by men.


Gravity defies beauty.

Vision starts to fade.

Memory is replaced by capsules.

Definition begins to blur.

The wheat no longer grows.

Logic conquers sweet temper.

Veins begin to spider.

Melody melts away.

Poise is a faint memory of balance.

Standing face to face:

With the enemy.

The villain of youth.

The rapist of vitality.

The thief on longevity.

The culprit of happiness.


“Battling Hearts”

Rich, luxurious hair shields her face like the night sky blankets the earth.

Narrow slits reveal eyes of azure like the clouds reveal the firmament.

Black lashes flutter fast as the raven’s heart beats,

Soaking her tears like the trees engulf the rain.

Body bent in sorrow like the pain of a willow weeping.

Shoulders convulse like the earth during a storm.

Perched on the mountain like a dove without its leaf.

Memories, tepid as molten.

Pain, warm as lava,

Hurt, forceful as stone.

Snatched from her like the rain steals a clear summer’s day.

Waiting for him to return like the dawn longs for the sun.


“Battling Hearts II”

Soot covers the face like the smoke of battle conquers the earth.

His muscular arms quiver like the ground and a high explosive.

A helmet covers his head like shelters shield the young.

Tears drop from his eyes like missiles fall to the ground.

Sitting in a pit amongst rubble and shrapnel.

The explosion of pain shakes the soul.

The bomb of heartache rocks his heart.

The eruption of sorrow pours over his body.

Affection, warm as a summer’s sun.

Love, fresh as a spring tulip.

Snatched from her like war steals the innocent.

Waiting to return to her like soldiers long for peace.


“Blind Pain”

If ignorance is bliss,

Never knowing love must be heaven.

To never know the trace of a thumb down your cheek.

To never know the look of desire in another’s eyes, desire just for you.

To never know the languid pleasure of lips feasting on your own.

To never know a heart so full it threatens to spill over.

To never crave the touch of another’s soul.

To never know all this must be heaven ,

For knowing and losing it is simply hell.


“Anatomy of a Kiss”

A warm breath grazing your cheek.

A soft murmur just below your ear.

A ready body inching towards your own.

Eyes boring into yours like a starving man waiting for his feast.

Breaths speeding up like waves rolling into shore.

Passion building.

Slowly rising and falling with every inhale.

The distance between closing in .

What was once a scream for desire is just a mere whisper away.

Lips reach for one another, timidly like partners preparing for their first dance,

Learning one another’s moves, steps and timing.

Finding each others rhythm and creating a new one together.

Holding each other’s faces as if it held all the promise and happiness of the world,

Cradling it close wanting to unearth it all.

Taking a moment’s pause only to be pulled back as if by magnetic force.

Lips that were strangers moments ago, find one another effortlessly with the turn of a head.

Soft as silk while drilling straight through your being, beyond your heart, past your soul, straight to your core

Those spots kept buried, hidden and protected

Unearthed and uncovered by the tenderest of unwittingly touches

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