Battle of the Ex’s

Battle of the Ex’s:

Divorce brings forth so many battles, even amongst the most amicable divorces. There’s battling the kids living situation, the finances, the house, cars etc. Battles aren’t always bloody and messy, but they are the conflict of opposing views. But perhaps the most trying battle that divorce brings forth is the inner conflict.

I’m living my truth now and working everyday to make this mine and my kid’s best life. But that doesn’t contradict me being human. A happy selfie doesn’t belie sometimes feeling sad, a public positive attitude doesn’t preclude sometimes thinking divorce sucks. Every day we go to battle with ourselves: someday’s it’s standing up for our children and other days it’s fighting the urge not to stay in bed with a box of Oreos.

Winning our battles means showing up; it means facing and fighting the world everyday even though we don’t want to. It means taking our hurt and pain and making it the fuel for our fight.

Strength is not the absence of tears, loneliness and sadness. Strength is the ability to acknowledge those feelings, embrace them, face them head on and let them challenge us to be better. Not better than anyone other than who we were yesterday.

Our wins are ours; our successes are ours; our failures are ours. They are all ours. The choice is ours whether we use them as our axe with which to fight.

Going to battle against ourselves is one of the hardest things to do, but ultimately it’s because we’re the only ones who determines who wins.


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