Sweet Soul Sister

They say there’s nothing like a sister and if that’s so then there really can’t be anything like three. Stealing clothes, sharing stories, crying from laughter and pain shedding the same tears. Life hasn’t been easy these past few years but it has been worth it and one of the things that makes it so worth it is the relationship with my sisters. It’s not always the big things but it’s the phone call in the middle of the day, the text that asks how a test went, or the time my sister flew in from NY to be there when I moved into my new house. The little things that really aren’t so little at all.

Daniella English Canadian Blogger
Minde Klein Photography

It’s these moments of love and support and care that make the hard hours of single parenting that much easier. Growing up I took my sisters for granted- in the sense that I figured everyone had a sister. It wasn’t until I grew up and life threw me a few hard hitting curveballs that I realized how blessed I am to have these women in my life and furthermore that they are mine. We are all blessed differently, some of us have naturally arched eyebrows, perfect nail beds, high cheekbones and others have sisters. For the the former group, here’s the good news- sisterhood isn’t elusive to the cosmetically unfortunate. Sisters don’t have to be blood relatives, because sometimes blood isn’t thicker than the life that surrounds it. Sisterhood isn’t a biological relationship, it’s an emotional one. Sometimes we find sisters after going through similar life circumstances and sometimes they are our childhood friends and sometimes, they seem to drop from the sky when we need them most. Regardless of how your ‘sisters’ come into your life, keeping them there is what counts. Honouring and celebrating that relationship by nurturing it and caring for it; giving time, attention and love. Our photo shoot with Minde Klein Photography is exactly what we did..

Daniella English Canadian Blogger
Minde Klein Photography

We laughed, we smiled, we played and simply enjoyed being us. Making memories is one thing, but being able too have them captured and shared is priceless.

Minde is a Toronto based photographer specializing in family, newborn and small event photography. Capturing those special moments, ages and stages is truly her greatest joy and love. Her goal is to make sessions a fun a stress free experience for everyone involved. She focuses on letting her clients true personalities shine through and capturing the beautiful connections between family members. You can find Minde at….


Daniella English canadian blogger



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