To All the Mom’s on Mother’s Day

To the moms who can’t remember the last time they slept through the night.

To the moms who’s dinner is their kids leftovers.

To the moms who send their kids to camp over them going on vacation.

To the moms who wake up to their kids every morning.

To the moms who wake up without their kids once a week and on alternate weekends.

To the moms who are celebrating motherhood for the first time this year.

To the moms who were given motherhood by the kindness of someone else.

For the moms who are not yet mothers biologically but yearn for it every second of everyday.

To the moms who have known the agony of burying their child.

To the moms who have lost a child before they had a chance to take their first breath.

To the moms who have birthed a sleeping child not destined for life.

To the moms who sit by their child’s bedside wishing to take their pain away, wishing it was them instead.

To the moms who put smiles on their faces but who’s hearts are broken inside.

To the moms who have had to make impossible life choices because it was best for their kids.

To the moms celebrating this day without their own moms alive.

To the moms who try everyday even when they feel like giving up.

To the moms who feel like their best is never enough.

You are enough. You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are loved.


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