This time of year we ask others for forgiveness 🙏We call up people we think we may have wronged and we message people we know we have hurt asking them to forgive us. Asking them to put aside feelings of anger and hurt in favour of love and friendship. But while we ask God and our friends for forgiveness, the hardest place to seek and find forgiveness is within ourselves. It is easy to let others off the hook, say they didn’t mean it or didn’t know better or were just acting with the information they had. But somehow we fall short in doing that with ourselves. We extend love and care to others and their situations but neglect ourselves and being understanding of our own circumstances. We ask each other for forgiveness because only we can forgive each others wrong doings, God can’t do that for us. Just as we have to ask others for understanding and care, we have to ask it of ourselves first. We have to give ourselves the love we so easily give others. We have to free ourselves of the mental prisons we have enslaved ourselves in. We alone hold that key and we alone are in charge of our freedom. In this new Jewish year, may we free our minds of the thoughts that hold us back, let go of the pain the weighs down our hearts and ultimately, forgive ourselves the way we forgive others and the way God forgives us.


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