Grateful for the Nots

We are always told to focus on what we have as opposed to what we don’t have, to focus on who we are instead of who we aren’t. But sometimes that gratitude extends both ways. Being grateful for what we aren’t can be just as empowering.

Today I am grateful🙏

That I am not a wife,

That I am not embittered by my past,

That I haven’t let a broken heart keep me from love,

That I haven’t let my fears control my children,

That I haven’t lost the ability to laugh and joke,

That I haven’t let doubt stand in the way of dreaming,

That I haven’t closed my heart to new people,

That I haven’t closed my mind to new experiences,

That those closest haven’t given up one me,

But mostly I am grateful that I haven’t stopped living;

Haven’t stopped trying

Haven’t stopped climbing

Haven’t stopped fighting


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